Truetone Ringtones Take Over The Cell Phone Marketplace

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There are millions of ways to customize your phone

Truetone ringtones have revolutionized the world of cell phone ringtones. They are far more versatile and sonically superior to the older polyphonic or monophonic ringtones. Truetone ringtones produce an exact digital replication of any song, or for that matter, any sound you would like to use as a ringtone. Because of their versatile nature, Truetone ringtones are quickly becoming the most popular way to personalize your cell phone.

There are a million ways to customize the humble cell phone, but without a doubt, the most popular way to personalize a phone is to select a custom ringtone that perfectly fits your mood, personality or even your job. Truetone ringtones make this easier than ever before for a variety of reasons, not least of which is their exact digital replication of any music or sound you choose.

So what exactly makes Truetone ringtones different from their earlier counterparts?

Actually, Truetone technology is an entirely different format from earlier monophonic and polyphonic ringtones. Let’s discuss the differences between the different types of ringtones, to give you an idea of why Truetone ringtones are superior to other formats. In the beginning were the humble monophonic ringtones.

These ringtones could produce only one note at a time. Obviously, this produced a very limited and unrealistic reproduction of music or other sounds. But after a few years the polyphonic ringtone was introduced. Polyphonic ringtones were a huge step forward in that they could reproduce many sounds at the same time. For example, many modern polyphonic ringtones can produce 32 or even 64 sounds simultaneously, providing a much more realistic version of a song or other sound effect.

A  Digital Snapshot

But Truetone ringtones work and a completely different way. Think of it like this: a digital camera takes a digital “snapshot” of a scene. This digital snapshot can then be saved as a computer file, edited, e-mailed, or reproduced in a hundred other ways. A Truetone ringtone is similar in that it takes a digital snapshot of sound. This allows a perfect reproduction of music or other sounds which can be edited, e-mailed, downloaded,
uploaded, or generally used in any way you would use any other computer file.

Truetone Ringtones are more versatile

Because of the digital snapshot format that Truetone ringtones provide, they are much more versatile. In fact, they are not simply limited to reproducing music, although they do this very well. They can also reproduce speech or any other sound you throw at them just as easily. This means that your ringtones do not have to be “tones” at all; they could be punch-lines from favorite jokes, a strange sound you heard your pet make, quotes from
movies or TV shows, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Because of their wonderful versatility, Truetone ringtones are considered to be the wave of the future in cell phone ringtone technology, and are becoming more and more popular with phone buying consumers every day. And because Truetone ringtones can be any sound at all, it is also possible to create your own customized ringtones from any audio source you

Truetone Technology

Most new phones include Truetone ringtone technology, allowing you to take advantage of the wide variety of music, quotes and other sound effects currently available as ringtones. And if none of these options perfectly suit your personality or mood, you can simply create your own Truetone ringtones from any audio source you desire.

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