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Gone are the days when you would have boring ringtones in your phones and other mobile gadgets. The revolutionary introduction of the Mp3 ringtones has filled in the expectations gap of the users that have always existed in the world of ringtones. These ringtones offer you the chance to have your favorite music as your ringtone in the voice of the original singer.

All genres of music are represented in Mp3. Whether you would like classical, hip hop or even comedy, you will more certainly be able to fulfill your desire. Many would be happy listening to their favorite music at any time because of the easy portability of gadgets that supports Mp3 music. For instance, you can have it saved on your phone and listen to it whenever you want.

Download MP3 Ringtones

Majority of Mp3 ringtones are downloadable. You are required to pay for some ringtones to enable you download, However some others are free too. This mainly applies to those ringtones that have been created from the most popular or recently released music.

To be able to download Mp3 ringtones, it is a requirement that you have a Bluetooth enabled phone. It can be connected to a personal computer via a Bluetooth dongle. This is an interface that facilitates the pairing of your phone with your computer.

When the pairing is done, you will be able to drag the Mp3 music file from your computer and drop it to the music file you have chosen or created in your phone. When the transfer begins, you will likely to have a transfer dialogue box open showing the status of the Mp3 ringtone transfer. You will be required that you accept and save the settings.

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It is imperative that after your Mp3 music ringtone is transferred, you saved it in your preferred location in the right format. Music folders is the most suitable locations that you can have your Mp3 ringtones saved hence making it easier for you to access at a later date.

Furthermore, you will need to test to ascertain if your ringtone transfer has been done successfully. When you open the Mp3 music file you created, it should automatically play. There should also be more options asking you if to play the new tone.

If at this point you are certain that everything has been done well, you can have it saved as your ringtone. Therefore you will be able to have it rung whenever someone calls your phone number. Depending upon the availability of additional features in your phone you could customize the ringtones elaborately.

In Summary

Mp3 ringtones are available in all genres of music and can be downloaded for free or after paying some money. However, the amount payable is reasonable enough to enable you enjoy your favorite ringtones. To download Mp3 music to your phone, you need to connect your bluetooth enabled phone to a personal computer via a dongle. This enables you to download your favorite music and have it saved in your chosen folders. You can always retrieve it from here and customize your Mp3 tones.

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