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Customizing your Phone

Everyone seems to have a phone these days and if you are like a lot of people, that means you love customizing your phone. However, adding these personal customizations, like new skins, wallpapers, and ringtones can start to drain your wallet in a very bad way. Fortunately, it is possible to find cheap or even free ringtones if you look in the right places. This article will tell you how to find them and how to avoid hidden charges that some companies try to sneak up on you with.

Depending upon what kind of phone you have, your ringtone choices will differ. This is because older phones and some new, yet cheap phones, do not use the same technology for audio playback as other phones. Those that are able to play music will have the most choices and the best sounding ringtones.

Before you commit to purchasing any ringtone, be sure to check that it will work on your phone. There is nothing worse than spending money on something that you cannot use.

Music and Ringtones

If you love music and love to follow your favorite musicians by keeping up to date on all their latest news on the Web, they may just have a newsletter and a special fan club or site. Many bands will give away parts of their songs as ringtones in order to promote themselves.

There are many sites that have ringtones available for download at little or no cost at all. These are easy to find on the Web. However, be careful of what you agree to before your download begins. This means that you need to read the fine print.

Some people do not realize that what advertises itself as free sometimes is not. For instance, the service may take your details and start sending you frequent texts at higher charges than you normally pay for a regular text. It may also start sending expensive media messages to your phone. Always read the fine print before you download anything or provide your details to any site.

Downloading Ringtones

Some phone plans may include a deal where you can download new ringtones at a very cheap cost and some for free. Additionally, there may be some phones that offer the same service. Look for these by watching out for ads or by going to your cell phone provider’s website.

Some companies that are not really related to phones will now give you access to free downloadable ringtones if you purchase a specific product or service from them. For instance, some music download sites will offer their subscribing customers free content and some clothing companies also do the same thing.

There are some websites that offer nothing but free ringtones in a variety of different formats. Finding these is easy and some sites even include sounds that have been made by normal people. In fact, some sites even give you the option to create your own ringtone at no cost at all. This can be a lot of fun if you love making sounds or music.

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