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Well chosen Android ringtones can and do help to make your phone become a true extension of your personality and style. By making changes to the sounds that your Android makes you can make it a true reflection of your style. Think about the effect that the right sounds can make when you are with a client. When they hear a well chosen sound, they cannot help but be impressed. The same is the case if you are at a club; the sounds that people here will say a lot about you in a positive way.

When it comes to adding Android Ringtones you can use the Internet to find suitable tunes or sounds. A vast majority of the stuff that you will come across over the Internet will be stored in MP3 file format. The good news is that Android will accept this format readily and without any problem. Of course, Android can support a variety of other formats as well which means you can broaden your search even more.

Many Ringtone Formats

MP3 MP4 and OOG as well as 3GP and MID as well as XMF, RTX, IMY and WAV are some of the formats supported by Android. Many of these formats will be new to you but if you find them while searching for new Android Ringtones you can easily add them to your phone. Most people however are content sticking with MP3 and OOG formats.

It is also possible to make your own ringtones in any of the aforementioned formats. Once you create the ringtone, you can transfer them to your Android. Some people even like to cut out portions of an MP3 file which they can then use as their ringtone. This should encourage you into trying to editing a part of your favorite music track or you can even record something directly to your phone.

The best part is that you should try and keep your Android Ringtones simple. To add ringtones to your phone you can make use of Ringdroid which is a truly simple application. Open this and then look at the list of all the audio present on your SD card. Just pick the one that you like the best and then set both end and start points and then after previewing it, save it.

Choosing a Ringtone

Having saved your ringtone masterpiece you can then choose to set is as your phones main ringtone or you can also set as the ringtone for a specific contact. Just remember that when you create a ringtone with Ringdroid that your ringers will be stored on your SD card and not only that, but it will be stored in the right spot after which you can share it easily.

Android has certain preferential areas on the SD card where the ringtones can be held so that you are easy to use and they can also be hidden from the music player. As soon as the Android starts scanning its SD card it will look for a folder called media and this folder is then given special treatment.

All the tunes that you have saved in the Ringtone folder will be treated as ringtones and can be played by the phone whenever required.

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