How To Get Free Ringtones For Your Cell Phones

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The first thing you need to know is that free ringtones are associated with the carrier that provides your cell phone service.

If your carrier is Verizon type free ringtones in your browser’s search engine. If your carrier is Sprint, type Sprint free ringtones in your browser’s search engine. You get the idea.

Ringtone Carriers

Click on the link to your carrier’s free ringtones where you will be asked to type in some information, such as your cell phone number and your email address. Voila, you are in the zone to get access to more ringtones than you will ever need. Whether you prefer Country, Rap, R & B or even dance tunes, your ringtone site will have something that suits your personal taste.

Themes & Categories

But wait, there is more. Do you have a favorite television show or a favorite movie theme? Whatever rings your bell, there is something just for you. There are pages of oldies but goodies if you want to feel nostalgic everytime your phone rings. You can download a jazzed up version of Some Day My Prince Will Come from the old Disney movie. Or maybe When You Wish Upon a Star. Anyone who has ever been to any of the Disney theme parks knows that tune. It’s a veritable walk down memory lane, especially for the baby boomers.

Many Ringtone Choices

If you prefer to appear more with today’s scene, no problem. The choices are almost unlimited. The younger set might like something from their favorite television show for kids or from the Harry Potter films. The teen girls can swoon and think about Zac Efron every time their phones ring with a tune from High School Musical. It isn’t uncommon for preteens to have cell phones. They might prefer something from Alvin and the Chipmunks. There really is something for every age.

Patriotic Ringtones

If you are patriotic there is even a full selection of national anthems for every country from the Unites States of America to Holland to Australia to Russia. Maybe you are just curious. What is the national anthem of Portugal? Funny thing, whatever national anthem you hear, you might not be able to name the country, but there is no doubt you are listening to a national anthem. Who knew that national anthems could be considered a genre of music?

Speaking of genres, maybe you are the sophisticated, cultured type. Then you will go straight to the classical page of free ringtones. All your favorites are there, from Johann Sebastian Bach to Ludwig von Beethoven. If you prefer more current classical, check out Sarah Brightman or The Boston Pops. The list is seemingly endless.

If you like your cell phone to help you reflect on your religious beliefs, you can click on over to the Gospel page. There are contemporary choices such as Amy Grant. Maybe you prefer a R & B version of Gospel. For this taste you can go to CeCe Winans and find several selections. If your cell phone rings during the preacher’s sermon, you won’t get into too much trouble if the tune ringing out is God Understands All.

No need to pay for your favorite tunes to play on our cell phone. Just go to your carrier’s Web site and download Free Ringtones to your heart’s content. You might even get introduced to new types of music and expand your musical horizons.

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