Help Guide

Mobile Phone Compatibility

iPhone – Click “iPhone M4R” – Download the .M4R file, then drag the file into your iTunes “Ringtones” folder, and sync to your iPhone. The ringtone will appear in your iPhone under “Settings > Sounds”.

Android – Ringtones are mp3 format. Yes, compatible with Android.

BlackBerry – Ringtones are mp3 format. Yes, compatible with BlackBerry.

Download User-Generated Content

Downloading mobile content is easy. After you have logged in, locate the file you want to download and click the “MP3” link. A window will then appear confirming the file download. Accept the confirmation, and begin downloading. This feature works on both PC and Mac computers.

Sending Content to your Mobile Phone

After you have logged in, locate the content you want to download to your mobile phone, click on the yellow Send to Phone button and enter your phone number. This will send a SMS text message with a URL of the file location, to your mobile phone. Follow the provided URL link to download the content to your mobile phone. Please note the following: CellBEAT will not be charging you for this, however standard text messaging and data transfer rates do apply for the delivery of mobile content. These transfer rates are charged to you by your own mobile service provider. Please check with your mobile service provider for further information on text and data transfer rates.

Mobile Phone compatibility

Due to the vast array of mobile phones on the market, CellBEAT can not positively guarantee that downloading content to your mobile phone will successful 100% of the time. There are many file size and file type restrictions placed on mobile devices that prohibit the downloading of all content types. The best approach is to follow the CellBEAT star rating to view which files are the most widely downloaded by users, as well as reviewing the most popular user-generated content. These files are being accessed by most users in the CellBEAT community and might prove to be the most compatibile with your mobile phone.