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The new year has begun and new music is in the air, on the radio, on TV, on the internet and on all of the cell phones.

The popular music ringtones are easy to access

They can be purchased for an inexpensive price or they can be downloaded for free. Either way, its a great way to find entertainment in this economic slow down that will not hurt the pocketbook. They best part about the new ringtones is that there are new artists and groups for the listener’s pleasure.

Many people prefer to sample current ringtones to get an idea of which musicians they will enjoy. This is a creative way to decide on the purchase of a CD. It is also another way to liven up a phone call from various individuals who are in a user’s cell phone book.

Some of the newest musicians are Lady Gaga and Kesha

They are at the top of the charts right now with album singles that have titillating party songs. They feature tunes that are reminiscent of the early nineties house music scene and give the listener the ambiance of a club. It almost feels like a New York studio with enthralling house and pop music. Having these songs on a cell phone will make everyone get up and dance.

Another sound that many people may want to have as a ringtone are the ballads of Selena Gomez and the pop country tunes of Taylor Swift. They have soulful lyrics with a peppy beat to brighten up any phone call. What makes it even better is that the two young ladies are actually friends and anyone who downloads the songs will remember that detail when a ringtone plays.

For a dance, hip hop and a rhythm and blues flow; the Black Eyed Peas and Timbaland are different artists with a wide variety of musical interests. This music will really help the busy individual stay energized. It is great for a person who has a day packed full of events. The songs from both groups have a sound that cannot be mistaken for any other artist in the music industry. A ringtone from these musicians will electrify any cell phone.

Drake and Jay Z

Drake and Jay Z have great rap songs which are played on every radio station. The lyrics are hard hitting, the bass is incredible and the beats will make everyone want to stand up and feel proud. These songs have lit up the world of hip hop and put a smile on the face of every rap enthusiast.

One Republic and Daughtry are crooners who can sing straight to the heart. The music is stirring and the words are simple and go straight to the heart of the matter. It makes the perfect ringtone and the sound invites passion.

John Mayer and Uncle Kracker have mellow sounds that help ease tension and create a relaxed atmosphere. A ringtone from these musicians can give the cell phone user a sense of calm and serenity on a busy day.

There are many events in life and there are multiple ringtones for every occasion. The right tune can provide a simple phone call with a theme song. A great song can transform a phone conversation before the words are uttered.

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