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It seems like everyone has a mobile phone these days. Many people really enjoy using their phones and personalizing them with all kinds of personal touches, like skins for their phones, customized displays, and different types or ringtones.

Personalized Ringtones

Personalized ringtones are especially popular and some phones even allow you to set a different ring for each of your contacts. If you are looking for new MP3 ringtones, this article may be able to help you find them.

Before you try to purchase a ringtone, you should make sure that you understand which types are compatible with your specific phone. For instance, not all phones will support MP3 playback, so you should not purchase a ringtone until you either consult with your phone’s manual or with the manufacturer.

Once you are sure that your phone can play back an MP3 and uses them for its ringtones, you can go ahead and start looking for that specific type. There are many places that you can look and some of these include general sites on the Internet, stores that sell cell phones, your service provider’s website, and online music vendors.

Ringtone Websites

Some websites will give their ringtones away for free. You can easily find these by using a search engine to search for them. You may have to register with the site before you are allowed to download anything though.

Be wary of any site that asks for your credit card details, especially if they claim that their site is free to use. Chances are that they will find a way to charge you. Also, before giving your cell phone number to any site or downloading anything, be sure to read the details of the download agreement. Some sites will start sending you copious amounts of texts, which you will be charged for, oftentimes in excess of your regular charges.

Subscription Services

Some websites offer a subscription based service for ringtone downloads. For instance, you sign up with the site, provide a method of payment, and once your payment is authorized and received, your subscription will begin. This will allow you to download a fixed number of ringtones each month usually and the amount you pay will decide how many downloads you get each month.

There are also many sites which allow you to pay for a download once and after that, they will not bother you or text you. Simply choose your ringtone, add it to your cart, pay for it by credit card or through your phone plan, and the ringtone is all yours.

MP3 Ringtones

It is now possible to create your own MP3 ringtone. There are some sites on the Web that allow you to upload your music or sounds, which will need to be under a certain file size, and then convert them to the proper format for your phone. Many of these services are available for free and will allow you to have the ultimate amount of flexibility when it comes to customizing your phone.

Some music downloading sites offer free ringtones occasionally or at a discount. If you love music, it may be to your benefit to sign up with one of these services.

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