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Hip hop ringtones are one of the many types of ringtones that never seem to go out of fashion. They are expected to go on generating over a hundred million dollars every year because of the rising popularity of the genre and the many hip hop songs that top the charts on a regular basis. Cell phone users are starting to bring their love for hip hop to their phones.

The success of the ringtone industry is directly proportional to the success of music in general.

For every song that hits the charts, there is a counterpart ringtone that will sell like pancakes over the next few weeks after the song’s release. Most, if not all, people enjoy and love music and it is only understandable that the love will transcend into cell phones through the use of ringtones.

People literally spend millions of dollars a year on ring tones. May it be hip hop ringtones or jazz, pop, or rock, there is always a type of ringtone that will fit a certain sample of the population that uses cell phones. A lot of companies give free ringtones to their users but sometimes, the choices are very limited and might not include the types of songs that you want.

If you want to have more song choices, you can buy ringtones directly from the online music stores. There are many websites that offer snippets of audio that are in the ringtone format which you can download for a minimal fee. These ringtones are already in the right length that is suitable for ringtone use and is available in formats that are compatible with most phones.

Another avenue where you can get ringtones is to buy the song on iTunes or buy a CD of your favorite artists. There are many free programs where you can convert a song into a ringtone. All you have to do is search the internet for these free software applications, read the instructions and you’ll be good to go. For music that is ripped from CDs, you may have to convert the songs into a suitable format before snipping and converting it to a ringtone.

There are many programs that offer this feature too.

You can convert any kind of file format to another more suitable kind in order to make it compatible for your phones. If you are unsure what types of audio format your phone supports, check the website or search for your model’s specifications and the file formats supported should be listed there.

Some mobile network providers also offer ringtones to their customers which they can download using their phone. You can connect to the internet using WAP, and follow the instructions given by your provider and you can easily download ringtones that your phone already supports.

This is convenient since you wouldn’t have to do the conversion of the song, or the transferring from the computer to the phone yourself. All you have to do is look out for promos, follow the instructions given and you can enjoy a brand new ringtone.

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